Village du Normandy

A new concept store has been born from the dust of an old hotel undergoing renovation, bringing together the crème de la crème of Parisian concepts and crafts. Welcome to the Village du Normandy, created by Machefert Group. 

On each and every single floor of the 7-floor-hotel, you will discover different brands from different worlds, different eras and different industries. You will find a curated selection of pop-ups, from ready-to-wear fashion to luxury jewellery, an artist's studio, and even a craftsman's workshop. Some spaces have been dedicated to beauty and well-being, and complete your path of discovery through the hotel's floors with a spa, a barber shop and a women's hairdressing salon. Food lovers and all-round gluttony hedonists will be delighted with three mysterious pop-up restaurants, divided into three intimate rooms, each featuring its own secretive universe. On the menu: 4 or 5 course feasts designed around meat or fish delicacies, imagined by the chef of the hotel himself. Finally, a variety of work-out spaces dedicated to fitness, yoga and combat sports have been designed to challenge the fittest among you, right here in the heart of Paris.

Each individual, brand, or company, has been carefully selected for their creative vision, the quality of their products and/or services, but also, for their experimental brand DNA and innovative values, matching ours here at Normandy Le Chantier.